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i believe i believe

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Gizmo-Holm responds:

what does that mean hehe

Nightwish Collab Nightwish Collab

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very nice indeed.

Good job on this collaberation. Gotta love the Nightwish. The graphics where good but in some of the parts they lacked compared to what was brought to the table before hand. The style was nice, although collabs are slowly dying off. The sound was great, you should consider the song planet hell in the future. Violence=good. All i have left to say is congradulations.

Sanctuary Sanctuary

Rated 4 / 5 stars


What i could gather from this flash i really liked. This movie represented both life and death, evil and good. Most people will not understand this like you said and can only enturperate it there own way. Im not voting on this movie for its graphics or for its sound but the meaning behind it. The way you represented the human life on earth was nice, evil meets good and you have the revolving world inbetween and where man is created. The gun helps to symbolize some problems man has created on earth and where it has left us. all im going to say to sum things up is, This Shit Is Deep Man.

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Bad Aftertaste Bad Aftertaste

Rated 2 / 5 stars


Im sorry for saying this, but what in the hell was that?? i really dont understand what it was getting had no real point and the credits where way longer than the animation was. So does this mean your movie was just words fading in and out? becuase i hope not. The frame rate seemed a little choppy, you might try speeding that up. The sound was alright i guess, didnt like it to much although i did like the voice overs. This movie had no style(i didnt know what it was about) to give it anything there. No violence. No interactivity. Low, low humor. This movie was just confusing none the less, and i really did not like how the credits were so long. Some of that stuff didnt even need to be put in. I was also hoping that those were the interducing credits and the real movie would start after those got over, but i was wrong. Try a little harder.

DeadCaL responds:

Humour: Again, its a Transformers movie for Transformers fans... you won't get it otherwise.
Animation: 24 Frames per second works perfectly for most people
Violence: Are you kidding?
Interactivity: Is that legally required?

Fireman vs. Iceman Fireman vs. Iceman

Rated 3 / 5 stars


This movie was decent none the less. It really lacked in story, there was no real background for it. And typically most Evil characters dont fight each other they team up and fight the good. The graphics wernt to good, i think u could have illustrated them way better if u would have tryed to. At first i thought this was iceman of Xmen. In all reality iceman would have melted the second he came out of the fridge. He was more like a waterman than an iceman. I will say this was a good flash for your first one and i would like to see more from you later on.

Coaly responds:

Well, the story was fireman and iceman were created...they are they fight. The graphics were meant to be simplistic, i think it added to the movie: it is a simple fire vs ice, so simple graphics. Iceman would not have melted when he cameout of the fridge...he is iceman, he doesn't melt. Just like fireman stays hot, he stays cold. Why does everyone say i would like to see more from you later on? It sounds weird

!!!jump Around!!! Iv !!!jump Around!!! Iv

Rated 2 / 5 stars

this movie lacked

So whats the deal with you clocks and locks?? You guys really lack in any animating talents what so ever. I cannot stand the voice over's you guys use..the whole computerized voices. Then there is your artistic skills, clocks for faces locks for faces...whats the point?? Majority characters look the same just with diffrent colors of skin. Although i do admire you have responded to almost all of the reviews for the submisson, but its probly only becuase your not using what talents you people do not poses to make a good movie.

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GoldenClock responds:


Tornado Beat Tornado Beat

Rated 4 / 5 stars


You know, it does the body and the mind a good deed whenever someone can create something so spectaculer. This is a great animation souly becuase it is nice to just kick back, relax and make something so carefree. Today Newgrounds animating is getting very competive and it is just nice to see someone make something as if they dont have a care in the world. -Anyways- ther animation was good, everything flowed together smoothly...also the style was good becuase there hasnt been much fbf since -oro- or TOXICBOMB made simple line 7. The music was a good choice becuase it really fit the song and you had some violence cause some stuff blew up. Other then that this was a grand animation and props to yo are your first submission getting front page.

TriplePlay2425 responds:

Wow, thanks...

You guys are really making my day!!!

--Flower-- --Flower--

Rated 3 / 5 stars


I liked this flash becuase i really appreciate the time and effort into a Frame by frame movie. The frame rate could have been speeded up a little faster to like 18fps but other then that the graphics where good and same with style. The sound wasnt much but it got the point across, and im still unclear about the story. 6/10

Jayarr responds:

much appreciated. Hey, more people liked it that hated on it.

NG Tank Action Figure NG Tank Action Figure

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

about that

Yeah this submission was both great and horrible at the same time. The sound quality was very poor, such as after they would speak it just didnt flow with the microphone. The voice ating though was nice and had something about it that actually sounded like it was being advertised. The graphics were sublime, and the humor was kind of dull in a sense. This submission recieves a 5/10. Also good job on getting 4 movies through the portal in less than a week ;)

MOTLB: God's Tournament MOTLB: God's Tournament

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not to shabby

This was a decent flash. I believe that there is a lot of hidden quality behind the flash work done in this and i would more the defeintly be happy to see it come out. The idea was good just was pertrayed the way you would have hoped to have seen it done is what im guessing. You had a good use of sound affects and songs placed in throughout the flash and it ran pretty smoothly. Graphics could use some work but there was a distinct diffrence beetween characters(meaning they didnt all look the same or really close) so that was a plus. 6/10

TacoRemix responds:

thx for the comment ^^